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Financial Management Seminar

Financial Management Seminar


This power-point plus handout seminar is designed to give students a degree of financial literacy that will get them on the road to preparing for their future.  Sadly, there have been a few instances of students getting their first significant paychecks of their lives, who then make significant purchases, take on sizable debt, and then getting laid off.  These students need a plan.  This seminar provides that.breakout-tab

  1. Creating an effective attitude or ‘Mind-Set’.
    • demonstrates the necessity of saving and investing for one’s future.
  2. Setting measurable financial goals.
    • teaches a strategy for focusing one’s activities to reach one goals.
  3. Establishing the appropriate bank, RRSP and TFSA accounts.
    • structures the necessary accounts for effective saving and investing.
  4. Budgeting and cash-flow management.
    • a disciplined approach to money management.
  5. Creating an Effective Savings Program.
  6. Lifestyle tips on saving money.
    • Living within your income.
  7. Good debt versus bad debt.
  8. A brief overview of our tax system.
  9. Starting on an investment plan.
  10. Initial retirement planning.
    • for teens and those in their twenties.
  11. Initial estate planning.
    • necessary steps for teens and those in their twenties.
  12. The role of insurance.
    • managing risk in one’s life.
  13. A ‘Things to do’ Checklist.
  14. Choosing the right professional help.
  15. Reviewing one’s progress.

The plan is designed to give students hope and pride in a plan that will help them achieve their life goals in a methodical and conservative manner.


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