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Our Mission

The mission of the Gary Bennett Family Fund in the Central Okanagan Foundation is to provide an opportunity to give back to our community by providing continuing and long term support directly to those most in need in a very cost effective manner.

That support targets several groups.  Many or our community’s citizens face incredible challenges, especially our youth and our seniors.  The challenge for our youth is getting the education necessary to become productive citizens.  The challenge for our seniors is quality of life.  The mission of the Gary Bennett Family Fund in the Central Okanagan Foundation is to assist our community’s youth who face many challenges to grow and mature as committed, knowledgeable and contributing Canadian citizens and for our needy seniors, the mission is to help improve their quality of life.

The Fund is assisting our community’s youth to grow and mature as committed, knowledgeable and contributing Canadian citizens.  Several of the Fund’s program target our challenged youth.

The Fund also wants to support our seniors in our Hospice facility through the Hospice Society and to work with the Central Okanagan Food Bank to enhance their seniors’ food needs.

Joining Together – We recognize that many ‘hands’ joining together to provide support to those in need can have a powerful, positive impact on those members of our community that are truly struggling.  If you like the idea of ‘giving back’ to our community by supporting some very worthy causes, and if you like our guarantee that 100% of your donation will go to those causes, then consider joining with us in this effort to provide support to those that need our help.

This support takes several forms.

  1. To provide financial assistance to various Breakfast Programs in selected Kelowna schools.
  2. The provision of post-secondary scholarships to selected participants who face considerable challenges.  It is important that these students expand their education and develop the skills necessary to find success in their lives.
  3. Financial support for organizations that are enabling students to enhance their learning.
  4. The provision of money management seminars to help these students to build sustainable lifestyles.
  5. Supporting the Kelowna Community Food Bank’s ability to purchase foods specifically for seniors.
  6. Support for Kelowna’s Hospice House.

The Fund will support four educational initiatives; some for secondary students, some for elementary students.

  1. The School Breakfast Program
  2. District 23 Central School and Okanagan College Gateway Program
  3. The Strive Scholarship Program
  4. Money Management Seminars

The Fund also wants to provide an opportunity for those individuals, corporations and organizations that wish to assist the Fund in these worthwhile endeavours to donate to a well-managed, cost-effective, non-profit charitable foundation.


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