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The Gary Bennett Family Fund

Gary and Maureen Bennett have deep roots in our community.  Gary’s grandparents arrived in Kelowna in 1910 from Scotland with their first child, a newborn male, Gary’s father.  Gary was born in Kelowna and spent his formative years here.  He later moved to the lower mainland where he completed two degrees at UBC Vancouver and spent his career in the area.

Maureen was born in Vancouver but most summers, her family enjoyed their holidays in Kelowna.

After Gary and Maureen married, they spent a considerable amount of time in Kelowna.  When they retired, they took up residence here in 1999.

They have been married for forty-five years and have one daughter Candace who lives in the area.  Gary, Maureen and Candace feel fortunate to be living in Kelowna, and while they are very active volunteers, the Gary Bennett Family Fund provides them and their friends with an opportunity to ‘give back’ to our community now and in the future.

The word ‘Family’ in the fund’s title should be used literally and figuratively.  In a literal sense, the fund was set up by Gary Bennett and his family; however, the term family should also be used figuratively to include all of those who have contributed to the fund to support our community.

This Gary Bennett Family Fund is made up of two segments, the Endowment Fund and the Flow-through Fund.

The Endowment Fund contains the capital of the fund that has been donated by Gary, Maureen and Candace Bennett.  Donations to this fund by the Bennett family will be made on an annual basis.  In addition, this fund will eventually receive the residue of the Bennett family estate.  This fund will generate an income to serve our community.

The Flow-through Fund was set up to receive income from the Endowment Fund, donations from Gary and Maureen and donations from their friends and associates who would like to support the initiatives supported by The Gary Bennett Family Fund.  One hundred percent of donations to this fund will be targeted toward our mission in the present time period and will not be added to the capital of the Endowment Fund.  Our community will benefit today from the generous donations of others to this fund.

The Endowment and Flow-through segments of the fund support several local initiatives including:

  1. Several SD#23 School Breakfast Programs,
  2. The GBFF Strive Scholarship Program,
  3. The GBFF Gateway Scholarship Program, and,
  4. The Central Okanagan Community Food Banks’ ‘No Hungry Children Program’.

We invite you to JOIN US in supporting these worthy causes.

For a listing and description of those initiatives, view our sponsored causes.


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